Services for Employers

Getting Engaged

  • Identify need (job definition, immediate challenges, long term goals etc.)
  • Meet with the hiring manager by telephone or face-to-face
  • Develop a search plan (target companies, hands-off companies, etc.)
  • Sign search agreement
  • Define process and time frame
  • Schedule regular weekly meetings with the hiring manager and the HR partner

Candidate Evaluation

  • Launch research and recruiting campaign
  • Develop candidate long list
  • Recruit candidates
  • Review résumés and screen against job requirements
  • In-depth interviewing and screening for overall fit
  • Refer short-listed candidates
  • Notify all rejected candidates as soon as possible

The Interview Process

  • Schedule interviews
  • Prep candidates
  • Follow up with candidates and client
  • Notify all rejected candidates as soon as possible
  • Manage expectations to avoid last-minute surprises

Closing the deal

  • Employer selects preferred candidate
  • Formulation of compensation and terms of offer
  • Present the offer and lead verbal negotiations to point of acceptance
  • Complete references
  • Support the candidate through resignation and notice period
  • Provide transition advice to both candidate and employer
  • Periodically follow up with both the candidate and employer after the hire