International Recruiting

Talk to us if you have plans for international expansion and/or overseas hiring.

  1. International recruitingTell us what kinds of candidates you want us to source. Do you want to “transplant” skills from another country? Will you sponsor and pay for a visa? Do you want a person who is currently an ex-pat in North America who is looking to return home? Do you want local talent, already familiar with the local language and business customs?
  2. If you are interested in bringing in outside talent, you’ll need to help us understand the interview process. Do you have resources to do video interviews, if needed? Will there be in-person interviews? Will you be interviewing in the location of the job, or in your location? What is the time difference?
  3. If you need local talent, there are difficulties to be overcome. Business customs vary widely, as do employment and privacy laws. We have partners with offices in Asia (54 offices); Australia/New Zealand (85 offices); North America (250 offices); South America (10 offices); and Europe/UK (8 offices). These local recruiting partners can help source candidates, and they have knowledge of and experience with local laws, customs, language and other issues. They can serve as our “feet on the ground” for all international hiring.