The company is a fintech that grants loans to consumers via a Direct-to-Consumer online lending platform.  This early-stage company has won numerous awards and significant investments and is growing fast.  The roles are remote. 

The VP Business Development is a classic hunter, searching for places where large numbers of consumers can be reached with offers for loans. 

The VP Business Development will target traditional lead generators, such as: Credit Karma; Intuit; LendingTree; Even Financial; NerdWallet; Wallet Hub; Credit Sesame; Credible; Quinstreet; Monevo; Experian; Transunion; Crowdnection; Rocket Loans. 

The VP Business Development will target other places with large membership or numbers of consumers:  AARP; AAA; Professional Associations such as AARN; Special Interest Clubs; Trade Unions; Marketplaces.

The VP Business Development will target lenders and financial institutions that are unlikely to grant loans to those with lower credit ratings:  Credit Unions, Banks, maybe Captive Finance companies.

This is an early-stage company that is heading for a payout – likely an IPO.  We are looking for people willing to throw themselves into building the company and increasing the value for whatever comes next. 

To apply or learn more, please contact Daina Di Veto at either (519) 647-2199, (614) 475-7745, or via email, daina@cardresourcegroup.com

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