We have recruited for this credit card issuing bank since the 1990s.  The bank is profitable and has very stable and very impressive leadership.  In fact, we’ve worked with the same executive team for over a decade.  The bank is publicly traded.  Their stock has tripled in value in under 3 years.  (I know, because I own some).  They move FAST.  

Total number of employees under 300 FTE and growing quickly.  

Stability matters a lot to them.  They prefer candidates who stick around at a job, and anyone with repeated 1-3 year stints will be viewed with trepidation.  

This is a Java stack.  We need financial services background, lending.  Fintech is great.  Candidates will be asked questions about digital wallets, online acquisitions, cloud-based fraud.  Subprime lending or credit card is great, but prime credit is okay as well.  This person will not be coding, but needs to know the vernacular.  

This person will have 6 direct reports and 40 in total.  This position is open because the bank needs bench strength.  The person in the role today will move into an expanded new role.  

They strongly prefer to hire someone who lives in, or will relocate, to Atlanta.  They will assist with relocation costs.  They are also willing to consider what I would call “regional remote”, ideally someone based elsewhere in Georgia, in the Carolinas, perhaps in Florida or Alabama or Tennessee.  There will be times when the SVP Software Development needs to be onsite, and that can’t be delayed by a day or two for travel.  They are happy to consider candidates who can make it to Atlanta when needed, via commuter flight, train, or car.  

For more information on this role, or to apply, please contact Daina Di Veto (daina@cardresourcegroup.com, (519) 647-2199 or (614) 475-7745)

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