Note: We came across this article prior to 2005 and have lost track of the source. It remains a good resource.

Rate each as: Outstanding, Good, Adequate, or Poor.

  1. Successful Job InterviewingFirst Impression – as the candidate impresses you, he/she is likely to impress others the same way.
  2. Physical Appearance – was the candidate neat and well groomed?  Dressed in good taste?  Keep in mind that that candidate is trying to impress you favorably and is trying to put their best foot forward.
  3. Voice and Speech – Was their voice clear and easy to understand?  Did you notice any annoying speech habits?
  4. Educational Background – Is the educational level acceptable?  What was the college GPA?  Are they too well educated for the job?
  5. Poise and Self-confidence – Was the candidate at ease during the interview?  Did the candidate seem to have a sound estimation of their abilities?
  6. Ambition – What are the future goals of this candidate?  Are they realistic?  Does the candidate seem motivated for the job and eager to succeed?
  7. Intelligence – Does the candidate seem to grasp things easily?  Is he/she a good listener?  Were questions thoughtful and intelligent?
  8. Knowledge of Our Company – Did he/she know anything about the company before the interview?  Did he/she check with anyone about the company?  Were good questions asked about the company?  Was there a good concept of the job itself?
  9. Overall Impression – Is this the kind of person you would like to have work with you?  What is the overall evaluation?  Did he/she sell you?
  10. Maturity – Did the candidate impress you as one whose overall personality is suitable for the job?  Does he/she seem sufficiently mature in appearance and manner to deal effectively with the job?

Outstanding = 3 points                      25 – 30                  Excellent candidate

Good = 2 points                                   20 – 24                  Very good candidate

Adequate = 1 point                             15 – 19                  Average candidate

Poor = 0 points                                    10 – 14                  Marginal Candidate

                                                                Below 10               Poor Candidate 

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