Note: We came across this article prior to 2005 and have lost track of the source. It remains a good resource.

  1. Successful Job InterviewingWhat can I do to be of the most benefit to your company?
  2. What responsibilities would you like this position to take over?
  3. What are some of the objectives that you would like to see accomplished in this job?
  4. Is there any further education you would like me to acquire?
  5. What other departments does this position interact with?
  6. How much orientation and training will be provided?
  7. How do you determine work objectives and deadlines?
  8. Is the job repetitive or is there variety?
  9. Once I am trained, what additional responsibilities would you like me to take on?
  10. What is the corporate culture like?
  11. What is your personal philosophy of management?
  12. Why is this position open?
  13. What growth opportunities does your company offer?
  14. What direction will the company be taking in the next five years?  What is the company’s vision?
  15. What is the biggest challenge facing the company (the department) right now?
  16. What kind of person will fit in best in this department?
  17. What is your background?
  18. What are the backgrounds of the other people in the department?
  19. Why should someone be interested in your company?  In this position?
  20. What attracted you to the company and why have you stayed, also what has been the highlight and the biggest disappointment for you here?
  21. If there were one thing you could change about the company (department), what would it be?
  22. What has been your greatest pleasure working for your company?  Your greatest disappointment?
  23. What happened to the last person in this job?
  24. What characteristics or traits make someone a success at your company?
  25. What makes your company stand out from its peers?
  26. What is it like to work here?  (structured or loose, open door policy, etc.)
  27. What does a typical workday or workweek consist of?
  28. What is important to your company?
  29. How important is this job to the company or to the department?
  30. What are the common denominators you look for in someone who will be successful here?
  31. What are the major short and long range department and company objectives?
  32. What one or two characteristics does the company feel are attractive about itself?
  33. What outside influences effect the company’s growth?
  34. In what areas, does the company excel and which areas does the company need improvement?
  35. Based upon what you have seen in me, where do you think I could contribute effectively?

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